Glue 2g

Glue 2g

Wheel Cleaner 500 ml

Wheel Cleaner 500 ml

Tyre Dressing 500ml

AlloyGator Tyre Shine is a water-based, silicone free formula designed to adhere to the surface of rubber, vinyl and plastic to create a waterproof barrier, leaving surfaces with a stylish, glossy finish. 


AlloyGator Tyre Shine comes with a heavy duty triggerhead suitable for use with 947ml and 1 litre bottles and a sponge applicator.


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AlloyGator Tyre Shine has been rigorously tested in our laboratory and with our development and research partners Angelwax Limited. AlloyGator Tyre Shine is manufactured in the UK by Angelwax Limited.


DIRECTIONS:Ensuring that the chosen surface is clean, spray AlloyGator Tyre Shine onto a clean, dry sponge, then treat the desired area making sure that any excess is removed with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.


TOP TIP:For best results, when applying AlloyGator Tyre Shine to tyres, always clean and dry them thoroughly before application.




• Do not store in direct sunlight

• Protect from frost

• Shake well before use

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