Set of 4 EXCLUSIVE AlloyGators GREEN

Set of 4 EXCLUSIVE AlloyGators GREEN

Set of 4 EXCLUSIVE AlloyGators ORANGE

Set of 4 EXCLUSIVE AlloyGators ORANGE


Next generation rounded edge profiles for wheels ranging from 12" to 24" diameter. A set contains 4 AlloyGator Exclusive wheel protectors, 6 embossed joining clips, 90 stainless steel securing clips and 2g of AlloyGator super bond glue. Available in 15 stylish colours ranging from discreet matt black, graphite and silver, through to sky blue and orange. 

Manufactured from super tough blended nylon composite with added UV stabiliser and impact modifier to enable strength and durability in variable climates.  

Made in the UK and developed with Vehicle OEM’s to include a matt finish with 50% more locking teeth, improved diamond grips and a reduced space between metal clips to ensure an even better fit to your vehicle.

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Key Features




Fast Fit

Constructed from a unique blended nylon composite using robust, patented technology, AlloyGators fit between the wheel and tyre to provide superior protection against kerbing and pothole damage.

AlloyGators can be used to improve the look of your wheels by covering existing rim damage, or adding the finishing touch to newly powder coated alloys.

Our award-winning wheel protectors are available in fifteen colours for you to transform the look of your vehicle. We have something for everyone.

Our approved fitters are trained by us to fit AlloyGators quickly and efficiently.

Wheel Sizes

Universal Size Fits 12" to 24" diameter


Rounded edge profiles


Super tough nylon


Fitting Instructions and Care Advice

What's in the box

4 AlloyGator Exclusive Wheel Protectors

6 Embossed Joining Clips

90 Stainless Steel Securing Clips

2g of AlloyGator Super Bond Glue.

What material are AlloyGators made from?

AlloyGators are made from a super tough nylon which is flexible and won’t damage your alloy wheels during fitting, but is tough enough to give superior protection.

How permanent is the colour?

Colour runs consistently throughout the wheel protectors, meaning that there is no damage to colour, even after impact with a kerb. We recommend you regularly clean your wheels and AlloyGators with normal car shampoo or universal wheel cleaners suitable for delicate finishes like chrome. Avoid harsh cleaners and thick, brush-on tyre shines used by some hand car-washes.

How do I fit my AlloyGators?

The AlloyGator is locked to the wheel over 360° using highly robust patented technology. Please view our fitting video for a step by step guide or view our Fitting Instructions & Care Advice

How do I remove my AlloyGators?

To remove an AlloyGator, simply jack up the car, fully deflate the tyre, remove the plastic joining clip and carefully prise the profile up around the joint area. Firmly tap the face of the AlloyGator using a rubber mallet on the side which has the hole in it. This will then release the glue and open up the joint. Once the joint is open carefully prise the profile out of its seated position from the tyre side of the wheel, starting with the end without the hole and using a tyre lever or flat bladed screwdriver along the side and under the profile, prising in an upward motion. Once the end of the profile is free from the wheel and tyre then carefully pull it out from its position across the tyre wall in an outward motion in order to prevent any damage to the wheel from the stainless steel clips

Have AlloyGators been tested at speed?

Our AlloyGators have been tested under normal driving conditions and within the legal speed limit.

“I love AlloyGators! They’re great for protecting your wheels when you’re squeezing into the last space left on a busy road. I really like the bright colours; I like something a bit different.”

- Tiegan, Birmingham

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